Sunday, July 22, 2012

I've been waiting for this for years...

...and now finally it came!

Being a BMLS (Medical Laboratory Science) student of Saint Louis University is not that easy. We have a special curriculum that will surely squeeze out the brain juices of the students. Another thing that made our BMLS program is that uniforms are only worn when you have reached the third year level.

Luckily, I am in my third year in the university now. Since first year, wearing this uniform has have been a dream to many of us. I still remember the days when a BMLS-III  (or even BMLS intern) would pass in front of us. Then we would say, "Balang araw, makakapagsuot din tayo niyan." It was a very good motivation, yes. But also, I would like to treat it as a big reward for reaching this far.

To my fellow Med Lab Sci III students, I would like to congratulate us for we all know all of the hardships that we have passed through from the day that we have stepped into SLU until now and until the day that we will be registered. Congratulations because we all know that wearing this "sacred" clothing has once been a dream and now it finally came true. And if you will hear others that will say that you do not deserve this, face them and tell them that they have not undergone what we have gone through and that he/she do not know your story.

And now that we are in touch with this dream, we must never let it go. Do not stop when you have reached your goal. People never get satisfied. And then and there, we must still climb.



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