Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DOCUMENT-tation problems // part 1

Hello there!

I’ve got no review classes today and yes, I know that I still have to flip open my books and study but first let me do one thing that I haven’t done for so long – talk to you guys.

As of the moment, I am browsing through my computer files and I can’t believe that I have gazillion files saved in it. For the past years I have been diligent on collecting files from the internet and pasting them on word files (even though I was not sure if I’ll be opening them in the near future). Here’s just a few that I unwrapped and still not sure if I’ll be deleting:

NSTP files
Am I the only one among my batch left with these kind of souvenirs? I should’ve deleted this one way  back in 2012.

Files when I took the school paper entrance exam

I should say this thing is classic already. Dated June 2011, this one file in my computer is hard to delete. It brings so MUCH memories and if I have not made this file, it might have regret it forever, like EVER

Old School Paper Files

This group of documents have been saved here for some time now. Articles that have and have not been published, drafts, scraps, and even my first *sniff* ever *sniff* circulated *sniff* work is still here.

Guitar and Uke chords of my old fave songs

I have lots of these on my PC. I remember listening to the radio, a track plays and a thought just pops, “I need to learn to play this song”. So I just go and search the chords on the net and paste it on any file, even though I am in the middle of doing some important research work. That’s why files here are a bit mixed up at times. Haha.

Twitter files

One thing that I loved doing before was stalking some twitter users down to their last tweet and saving the whole page. I still have some that I still haven’t deleted, from Taylor Swift’s old tweets up to silly jokes and inspiring quotes of random people.

Tumblr blog files

I also used to make my own GIFs and edit photos to post on Tumblr. That was when I was still on my first year of college, I would register my broadband to one day unli surfing (that was in way way back in time) and sit down and Tumblr ALL DAY. And that’s the only thing I did the whole summer of that year. I remember all those blogging memories when I hear Selena Gomez’ WHO SAYS, and that site is where I first loved that song.

Research thingies

All those PDF files given by our research promoter are still here! Even though that’s already a “Mission Accomplished”!

Homeworks to be printed

I don’t know why my homeworks are still hanging out on my documents folder. The oldest are from February 2011. Most are named ‘to be printed’ and they are already printed, submitted, graded and probably recycled to be used for other homeworks again.

Oh well, I’ll probably do some massive deleting here and needs hard work. And maybe I’ll do that…….... NEXT TIME! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Bye! ?

BTW, that was only from the ‘My Documents’ folder. I bet sharing my ‘Downloads’ folder will be a lot of fun.

Til next blog! Lav yah! 


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