Sunday, August 3, 2014

Way too late vacation post

Isn’t it weird to consider you day-offs spent at your own home a vacation?

For college students like me, it wasn’t that uncanny really. We’ll think through that every two day break as an opportunity to have a grand ‘home holiday’, and when I meant home it does not pertain to the city apartment or boarding house or dorm. I meant home sweet home.

Last July I grabbed that chance to be back in Nueva Ecija for a few days, barely a week. It was not a week-off from job or from studies, really. I would say, on those times I was on a mission to make up for my more-than-a-hundred-hour demerit on hospital and on school. I knew I have to finish that sooner but the struggle was still too hot then (since lots of outgoing interns were fighting for the slot and well fighting for life) that I decided to take a break and let them do their own hunger games.

And in pictures, here are few that had happened.

The primary reason why I went home was for my grandfather’s death anniversary. To those who doesn’t know, he was the one made this college life possible. I got the educational benefit from Ph Veterans Affairs Office which was granted to our dear soldiers. And here’s the good view from his lovely bones.

One thing that welcomed me home is the fact that a branch of 7-11 is now open on our little town. And I was there for a treat! Yey to better and hotter afternoons!

Went to the mall to buy some shirts because nothing fits me now… and I will be needing some for my review classes.

I really admire NE Pacific Mall’s décor the last time I was there. (I only go for a visit only once a year I think, haha. Scheduling problems) But yes, I felt like I was on a big mall… in Japan.

I never knew we had lots of chickens.

Being at home will never be being at home without eating the best-est Cashew Nut Ice Cream from Puno’s! And as I type this, I am drooling. Baguio (or I) needs a Puno’s Ice Cream 

Who says you can’t make money while on a vacation? I whipped it!

And of course did some end of vacay posing. 

And leaving the rest of the town in full bloom, to face Baguio city’s challenges once again.

Until next blog!


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