Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Today may have been tough for us but there are these words that keeps us going : HOPES and PRAYERS

Today is a tough day for me (and for my classmates) for we are having difficulty with our studies. I became so depressed earlier that I almost forgot that there is still hope for me to be able to cope up.

Then I realized that I am still lucky to have this small problem compared to those who are experiencing threats to their safety due to the flash flood happening over Luzon. Almost the whole Central Luzon is being affected (and also National Capital Region) which is very alarming because there is no typhoon in the country. Another thing that makes me feel lucky at this moment is that everybody in my hometown is safe by now. Only heavy to moderate rain is being felt and thanks to Him that there's no flood happening in our place.

I would like to be thankful for being safe right at this moment. I am also thankful that the Filipinos still know how to be a helping hand to each other during this calamity. I hope we'll never lose the essence of bayanihan.

To those who are with me in Baguio city, keep safe guys. Rain here is not that heavy compared in Manila, although fog here is that thick that everything becomes blurry. Let's just keep our eyes open whenever we go out just to be safe.

To those in Nueva Ecija (to those who are from there or have relatives there), lucky us for we are not that affected. Let us pray that no flood will occur for the crops will be destroyed if that will happen, and there will be a great effect on our local farmers.

To the rescuers who have left their homes and families just to save lives, you will forever be a hero.

To those who are now in evacuation areas, in rooftops of their flooded homes, to those who are fighting for their lives in ICUs (where the generators have died), to those whose relatives are missing, to those who are lost, to those whose hopes are gone... we are of the same race, and we are here to help. We might not be rich enough to offer relief goods and cash donations but we know how to pray. And prayers are the strongest words of all.

Keep safe guys. Take care of yourself, nobody will do it better as you.



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