Wednesday, August 22, 2012

My 3-day vacation went like this..

Three days (if you will think of it) is very long. 72 hours, 4320 minutes, 259200 seconds. But when we speak of vacation, three days seem like 3 blinks of an eye.

Here's some of the things I did! So sad I haven't had enough time to take photos! :P


Reading magazine on the plane. (Just kidding! Haha. Not on the plane. :P)
The weather's not that good.

So I slept all the way down to the next photo.

I was sleep soundly when my mom woke me up to point out the flood. (Seriously, I was dreaming about my Immunology class {as well as my instructor} at that moment. I think she's about to give a quiz when mom woke me up! I'm saved! Hahahaha)

It was taken in some areas of Pangasinan.

Then the trip went onnnnnnn until Nueva Ecija.

There has been an outbreak of dengue in our place so it's better to be safe than be a victim! I used this thing to get rid of those mosquitoes. I also applied litters of insect repellent lotion all over my body!  

 DAY 2

See that fields of green? That is what you will see in my hometown! Refreshing right?

The view above is what you will see from my grandfather's resting place. We always visit him and bring him flowers, candles and prayers whenever we are home. 

I look insert-adj-here in this photo haha.

Off to visit the city! 

(My father is my official photographer on my solo photos haha)

I bought these happy pens! :)


Making smiles before going back to Baguio! :D

Hugging the walls cause I don't wanna leaveeeeee!

But then I had to goooooo!

Guess what I did on  the plane (van lols) !?  ----> SLEEEEEEEP

 It was a nice vacation anyways. :)

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