Thursday, August 2, 2012

What to do when you've got no classes (and you've got no school things to do)

1. Read your text books (in advance).
But in my case that the preliminaries are just inches ago, it is better not to do option number one. Give your brains a break. Brains? Yeah, I know you have one.

2. Read your other books (fiction, almanac, magazines, etc...)
If you have some books in store, better read it to spend your time. Since I've got no interesting unread novel at home, I decided to read my past Candy Mag issues.

3. Stalk your crush on Facebook, twitter, tumblr, blogger whatsoever.

4. Stalk your favorite celebrity over the internet.
I stalked Taylor Swift today and found out about his boyfriend, Conor Kennedy.

5. Discover new songs (or old songs like you've never heard them before).
You can also browse through cover songs on Youtube. These following accounts do very good covers:

6. Browse through websites that will squeeze out your creative juices, like DIY websites.
The following sites will provide you lots of things to be busy about:

7. Re-watch your favorite cartoons.
The following are some of the TV shows that I have grown with. I hope I'll have time to watch them tomorrow. :)
  • Chowder!
  • Sara: Ang Munting Prinsesa <--- The one that gave me the love of Fren
  • Sailor Moon <--- This is one of the oldest cartoon that I ever watched!
  • Mojako (Sorry, I don't know the spelling! Haha)
  • (I'll probably be blogging about thisssssssssssssss!)
8. Re-watch the old TV shows! 
Like Hannah Montana and The Spirits!

9. Go out and shop!
But when there is a typhoon, check it first if it is safe to go out.
And if it is safe outside but you do not have cash, better go window shopping (you can do it online!)

10. Go watch a movie! (or maybe rewatch your favorites)

11. Go make some bucketlists!
I've been addicted to making bucketlists lately! Go make one and tick each boxes as you achieve goals! You can do my suggestions:
  • The things you wanna achieve by August (or even this year)
  • Places you wanna go to
  • Rainy day playlist
  • Thank-You list
  • The books you wanna read
  • Songs you always wanted to play
  • etc
12. Take a photo of the place you are living in. (or even the neighborhood)
Whether it's a mess or not, why not take a photo of it? You may see the picture a year from now and be surprised how it have changed! :)

13. Raid your closet and play dress-up.
Always having a problem about what to wear? You have time to spare right? Go take out all the clothes in your closet and try to mix and match. You will see how many outfits can be made without spending anything! (You can also have the opportunity to take out those resident mice and cockroaches in there, yikes!)

14. Go make your twitter and tweet! 
If you do have one, you can follow me and we'll talk! Twitting will also open your doors to the discovery of other's culture since Twitter is global, but remember not to give away all your personal details!

15. Go make a blogger and follow me!
You've found this blog interesting? Then why don't you make your own and make your own post about coping up with boredom?! I am sure people will love it. Don't forget to follow me here after!

Love, Denise.


  1. Hi Denise. I wish I have spare time to do my own bucket list, read a book or blog about something. :)))

    1. Hello Mich! I'm sure you'll find time for it! :*