Sunday, August 3, 2014

Way too late vacation post

Isn’t it weird to consider you day-offs spent at your own home a vacation?

For college students like me, it wasn’t that uncanny really. We’ll think through that every two day break as an opportunity to have a grand ‘home holiday’, and when I meant home it does not pertain to the city apartment or boarding house or dorm. I meant home sweet home.

Last July I grabbed that chance to be back in Nueva Ecija for a few days, barely a week. It was not a week-off from job or from studies, really. I would say, on those times I was on a mission to make up for my more-than-a-hundred-hour demerit on hospital and on school. I knew I have to finish that sooner but the struggle was still too hot then (since lots of outgoing interns were fighting for the slot and well fighting for life) that I decided to take a break and let them do their own hunger games.

And in pictures, here are few that had happened.

The primary reason why I went home was for my grandfather’s death anniversary. To those who doesn’t know, he was the one made this college life possible. I got the educational benefit from Ph Veterans Affairs Office which was granted to our dear soldiers. And here’s the good view from his lovely bones.

One thing that welcomed me home is the fact that a branch of 7-11 is now open on our little town. And I was there for a treat! Yey to better and hotter afternoons!

Went to the mall to buy some shirts because nothing fits me now… and I will be needing some for my review classes.

I really admire NE Pacific Mall’s dΓ©cor the last time I was there. (I only go for a visit only once a year I think, haha. Scheduling problems) But yes, I felt like I was on a big mall… in Japan.

I never knew we had lots of chickens.

Being at home will never be being at home without eating the best-est Cashew Nut Ice Cream from Puno’s! And as I type this, I am drooling. Baguio (or I) needs a Puno’s Ice Cream 

Who says you can’t make money while on a vacation? I whipped it!

And of course did some end of vacay posing. 

And leaving the rest of the town in full bloom, to face Baguio city’s challenges once again.

Until next blog!


Friday, August 1, 2014

August 1

Three days ago, I got an email from Starbucks Ph that informs about their latest card design. With their ‘Inspired by culture. Designed for you.’ tagline, the said patriotic item is a part of the celebration of the 1st anniversary of Starbucks Card in the country. 

I personally loved the design (the eagle, the flag colors and the banig background) especially the label ‘PILIPINAS’ which is written in gold.  I thought that I got to have one at first sight for the reason that it has a touch of our country in it and it is our very own, even if SB is as we all know a foreign company. 

You can purchase this limited edition Philippine Starbucks Card on any SB stops nationwide; to tell you this is available ONLY in Ph. And just like the previous ones, you’ll get one free drink upon activation and a free slice of cake on your birthday plus other seasonal membership perks.

Well, I hope that this will not be the last SB card with a Filipino pride attached in it! Please have more of these soon. Happy anniversary and congratulations SB card Ph! :)


Tuesday, July 29, 2014

DOCUMENT-tation problems // part 1

Hello there!

I’ve got no review classes today and yes, I know that I still have to flip open my books and study but first let me do one thing that I haven’t done for so long – talk to you guys.

As of the moment, I am browsing through my computer files and I can’t believe that I have gazillion files saved in it. For the past years I have been diligent on collecting files from the internet and pasting them on word files (even though I was not sure if I’ll be opening them in the near future). Here’s just a few that I unwrapped and still not sure if I’ll be deleting:

NSTP files
Am I the only one among my batch left with these kind of souvenirs? I should’ve deleted this one way  back in 2012.

Files when I took the school paper entrance exam

I should say this thing is classic already. Dated June 2011, this one file in my computer is hard to delete. It brings so MUCH memories and if I have not made this file, it might have regret it forever, like EVER

Old School Paper Files

This group of documents have been saved here for some time now. Articles that have and have not been published, drafts, scraps, and even my first *sniff* ever *sniff* circulated *sniff* work is still here.

Guitar and Uke chords of my old fave songs

I have lots of these on my PC. I remember listening to the radio, a track plays and a thought just pops, “I need to learn to play this song”. So I just go and search the chords on the net and paste it on any file, even though I am in the middle of doing some important research work. That’s why files here are a bit mixed up at times. Haha.

Twitter files

One thing that I loved doing before was stalking some twitter users down to their last tweet and saving the whole page. I still have some that I still haven’t deleted, from Taylor Swift’s old tweets up to silly jokes and inspiring quotes of random people.

Tumblr blog files

I also used to make my own GIFs and edit photos to post on Tumblr. That was when I was still on my first year of college, I would register my broadband to one day unli surfing (that was in way way back in time) and sit down and Tumblr ALL DAY. And that’s the only thing I did the whole summer of that year. I remember all those blogging memories when I hear Selena Gomez’ WHO SAYS, and that site is where I first loved that song.

Research thingies

All those PDF files given by our research promoter are still here! Even though that’s already a “Mission Accomplished”!

Homeworks to be printed

I don’t know why my homeworks are still hanging out on my documents folder. The oldest are from February 2011. Most are named ‘to be printed’ and they are already printed, submitted, graded and probably recycled to be used for other homeworks again.

Oh well, I’ll probably do some massive deleting here and needs hard work. And maybe I’ll do that…….... NEXT TIME! HAHAHAHAHAHA. Bye! ?

BTW, that was only from the ‘My Documents’ folder. I bet sharing my ‘Downloads’ folder will be a lot of fun.

Til next blog! Lav yah! 


Wednesday, May 14, 2014

There are times when you just need a good cry... after internship.

May 14, 2014 - the day that I (we) have been waiting for since May 14, 2013. One year internship, one year hardship. 

I had a difficult time going to duty this morning, knowing that it was my last regular duty at the hospital. I've already planned the night before that I will be there early but then you already know what happened.

Some people say you should not look back and just move forward but it just hard not to think about who you were in a span of one year or maybe just six months before this day. I guess, looking back is what I will be doing for the next days on.

To my co-interns who is now reading this, what do you remember when you have known that you were assigned in that particular laboratory? As I can remember, I feel contended and happy and nervous about being there. But you have no choice:When life gives you lemons, better accept it. Who knows life won't give you anything next time.

And who would not love the excitement and anxiousness of a first day? I know you know this ones and you've been in this kind of situation since 1st grade. Who would I be grouped with? Will we work nicely as a team? Will they like me or hate me? Will I survive being with them for months? Will they last months being with me?

Well, I think the answer to all those questions is yes. I survived being with my groupmates and they lasted being with me. I liked being with them, and being with me? I hope so.

I had a difficult time going home from duty today.

I will definetely miss everybody in Sacred: the noise, the hospital smell, the vendomachines, the ramp, the elevator, the interns that turned to be my brothers and sisters from other parents, the staffs who welcomed me (us) just like I am (we are) part of their family, the doctors who have been our mentors, I will miss everyone who accepted me and laughed with me (because of my jokes, ha!).

I will miss waking up at seven in the morning and rush to my eight am duty. I will miss buying milk tea just before I go to the hospital at night. I will miss laughing with all of them people even though there are really toxic times when crying will never help. I will miss every single thing that I've been routinely doing for the last months.

This internship has made me experience many firsts in life. First overnight party (yes, we turn night duties into  parties),first time to see a dying man, first new year's eve without my family (aww), first time to eat free breakfasts and dinners, first birthday celebration away from home (since I never tried to celebrate my birthday at school), first time to be surprised with a birthday cake while you were sleeping, first time to see a ghost in white when you are alone.

As the night grows deeper, the more the date comes closer when there are officially new interns in the lab, meaning our time has already ended. 

And sadly life is just like that, sometimes you discover love and the love being there when it was supposed to be over, you will not know how it started but will just know when and how, when it will be about to come to an end. But then now that it's over, I would like to say that I am happy and will be thankful because unexpectedly, these things came and had happened. :)


Thursday, May 8, 2014

writing on a thursday morning

It's 1:30 AM and I could not sleep, or maybe I just don't want to... yet.

I woke up at 6 PM today (I am from my night duty at the hospital) and I seriously thought that it was already morning when I opened my eyes and that I will already be late for my day duty. But thank heavens I still have six hours left for the day, I realized I was wrong before getting up and starting to panic. 

It's so quiet right now that I only hear the clock's tiktok. I opened my blog after sometime maybe months and realized it is silent like this dark room where I am into. How bad I missed sharing stories to the world through words and how I hoped it would reach some readers maybe two or three, and gain friends who also have stories that I will gladly listen to. It was sharing and inspiring, and at the same time gaining and being inspired back.

Here I am trying to revive this page, thinking about the days of my first posts and hoping it will be alive again.