About the blogger.

Hi! I would like to introduce myself to you again. 

My name is Patricia Denise Magisa, a girl who always get lost in a daydream but who always finds her way back. I am currently on my last year of being a teen, though I guess I always will be.

Don't ask me why that is the name of my blog because I do not know the answer as well. I guess, that's the name because that's who I am.

I almost liked everything, I said ALMOST and not all. I bet I like you now because you are taking your time to read this. I like staring at night stars especially when the geminids are around. I would think of the things I would like to wish beforehand but I always get lost when I see them on the sky. I love love love the December night sky.

I was born during the summer and I love having birthday parties during that season.  I got chills when I’ve read in Taylor Swift's bio that she loves imagining who she was a hundred years back (because I am exactly doing that as much as she does). I find vintage things, abandoned houses and old notebooks enchanting. Twenty One is my lucky number. I am born under the sign of Taurus and I think that means that I am loyal, yes yes I am.

I liked special notebooks as well, the ones you're afraid to write into because you're afraid you might spoil the pages. Writing is my first love. I loved English on my elementary days. I auditioned for high school paper and I failed to get in. I tried the college school paper and guess what happened.

Right now I am considering lots of options. What shall I wear? Will I let the playing song be finished or will I click on next? How much will I eat for dinner? Will I be a doctor or not? Oh well.

I will travel one day. I can see myself walking on pedestrians with strangers. I can see myself blogging more adventures. I can see me sharing more stories. And I can see that I will be through these things with you.


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