Tuesday, July 31, 2012


I've been eye-ing for bags and bags over months looking for satchels. I have been fashionably inspired by some magazines like Candy to own one.

We did not had class suspension today due to a typhoon. It has been raining hard last night. But since I got this mail last week (see photo below), mom and I went shopping (the storm wasn't that hard when we went out, don't worry)!

Then we went on shopping and bought some hair accessories and school shoes and stuffs. I am not intending  to purchase some bags but we did pass by the bag station and viola! I saw a cheap SATCHEL! The price was surprising, really because most of the satchels that I have seen costs 1000 php and above (others are even priced 12K or so)!

My new satchel looks like this one:

I mean it's the same replica! Haha. Only that it's cheaper. But all I can say is, it's all worth the typhoon! (*wink *wink)

And at least as far as I know, nobody is harmed yet. But still do not take me as an example. Do not go out when there's a typhoon! Be safe!

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