Sunday, September 2, 2012

I'm a bit late! Day 1 // 30-day-SEPTEMBER-challenge

Day 1: Goal for SEPTEMBER

  • I want to pass all of my subjects. *oh please

  • to interview one (or more) amazing person. I am planning to do it soon but my interview papers are still on hold. Thinking about this gives me the chills. I just hope he'll accept it despite of his heavy sched. Clue: He's one of the cool human beings behind latest photos of Mars.

  • to have my guitar fixed & re-decorated.   My guitar accidentally fell down the rabbit hole and it has been two weeks since I last played her. I also bought studs already so I can re-decorate her up just like T.Swift's sparkles.

  • to sleep earlier everynight of September. If you want to know, I have always slept early in the morning last June-July-August. I want to show that I love myself by doing this.

  • to sell some stuff (like ballpens) so that I will have enough money to buy my W-A-N-T-S

  • to read 10 self-development articles .  I know I will see them as useful.

  • to finish this September challenge! :)

This list contains few items, but I don't know if it will fit my schedule but anyways. Wish me luck! :)


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