Friday, March 22, 2013

It's summer! What'd you gonna do now?


Hello everyone! It's summer and I know you've been waiting since June for this. But now that vacation is in front of you, you're still complaining. Why? Because (admit it!), you've not a lot of things to do!

That's one of my problem as well (aside from fangirling-actually-not-it-was-just-actually-chasing-the-panel-members-for-their-autographs-slash-sign for our research paper) so don't worry we will survive the summer heat all together! :D

So while we are thinking of what to do, I will be making survival posts here on my blog. See that summer thingy photo on your right? Click that to see a lot of what to do at the moment. So, see yah!

---PD :)

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