Wednesday, June 12, 2013

Everything has changed (It has been so long!)

All I know is we said hello
So dust off your highest hopes
All I know is pouring rain
And everything has changed
All I know is a new found grace
All my days, i'll know your face
All I know since yesterday
Is everything has changed...

Hello! It has been so long since I last posted anything here. It was April then and now I could not believe how fast things have changed.

I missed blogging so big that I would want to tell you a story.

One day in May, I had this dream about me getting married to a complete stranger. I really have no idea who the guy is and waking up from that dream made me feel weird. I kept asking myself, why would I have such dream?

Then I searched the net for answers. Some says it was kind of bad luck but a website mentioned this thing:

Marriage in dreams signals a new beginning (job, relationship, whatever).

So that must be the reason why. Maybe I was thinking too much about the change that is about to come.

I officially became a clinical laboratory intern last May 15 (I think my past dream is related to this). When I was in third year, people say that internship is a whole lot more easier than having regular classes. To those who are third year now, do not believe. We still have late night studying but the difference is that we do not have daily quizzes and write-ups and home works to worry about. But I told you guys, the stress and pressure is much heavier. And yeah, I am still happy and thankful that I am now a senior MLS student. :)

Another change is that this year is my last year of being a teenager (awwwww). Which means I have to be more responsible of myself and everything I do. Last semester, I usually wake up at 6:30 in the morning. But now I managed to be wide awake when my alarm rings 6 am, which I think is a very big change.

The school paper also is bringing me a lot of changes. Although It was't approved yet, I am thankful to the bosses. And I swear we are now working hard for the next publication.

Those are just some of the latest stories I want share, and I can't wait to be talkative enough to tell you more on my next posts! :)

Bye! :)

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