Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Day 4 // List 10 things you would want to tell your 16 year old self

1. Dear 16-year-old self, you will be allergic to seafoods soon. You better eat crabs and shrimps and lobsters as much as you can, now.

2.  Dear 16-year-old self, forget everything that you want to forget but remember to put into yourself the lessons learned from those things.

3.  Dear 16-year-old self, do not throw your things. Keep them if you can. Vintage is on the spotlight nowadays. Who knows most of the things that you own now will be very valuable  to the future generation.

4.  Dear 16-year-old self, you will be a writer. Count on me.

5.  Dear 16-year-old self, there will be a L-O-T of ups and downs in your life as a student. You are doing good, maybe but that will not be enough when you will be eighteen.

6.  Dear 16-year-old self, there's a lot of unreleased TSwift songs out there. You should've known.

7.  Dear 16-year-old self, you'll be lacking sleep during your 18's. Sleep 24 hours a day now, while you can.

8.  Dear 16-year-old self, stay connected with your HS friends. Now that I'm 18, I would want to go back to the time when I last saw them. Our graduation was the last. :|

9.  Dear 16-year-old self, stay safe. The world is not that safe right now.

10.  Dear 16-year-old self, one (or 3 times) in your life you will be experiencing 5 professional exams in a day. So your 18-year-old self will have to go now. Bye! :)


 Dear 16-year-old self, do not be hard on to yourself. (That's the only thing that your 18-year-old self can advice you.) :)

Your 18-year-old self.

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