Friday, September 7, 2012

Day 7 // If you could live at any period in the past, when would it be?

Me and this time traveling post.

Q: If you could live at any period in the past, when would it be?

If this would involve my personal life, I would go back again in my childhood days. Who would never want to be a child again? Having less worries or none at all. Having lots of kids on your birthday parties, playing traditional childhood games like Bahay-bahayan and lutu-lutuan. I did not spend my childhood playing lots of running and running games because I'm weak at that point. I am always the it when it comes to that.

I would go back to those time, if I would have the chance to. Now that I know how to feel like in college, I have realized the things that I should've done when I was a kid. I should have spent my time sleeping at noon (so I should have grown more, haha). I wish I attended summer talent camps or even art classes. I wish I read more books. And I wished I have done my best on the first day of school.'


If you would want me to go down on the deeper and older days, I would always would want to go on the 60's I think. Or maybe just in time of Marilyn Monroe. I would love have those curly short hairs and red lips and flying skirts. I love vintage as well as classics. I love all the things that belong to the past (bitter or sweet does). At times, I feel like I lived in the 50's and I am just living my life over again. I have a big appreciation on lots of old old things like old books and even clocks that I saw on my grandmother's house. I love those floral stuffs. I like ranuculus. I love those vintage themed notebooks that are designed to make you feel like you are writing during those olden times. I admire Anne Frank, I would like to see her actual diary. A font in my header is Jane Austen's handwriting... She's classic. I like to play songs on vinyl again, seems like forever since I've seen one. As a child, I always wished to study on a boarding school headed by a strict old lady like Miss Minchin. And also, have you read Perks? Reading that makes me feel infinite with all the concepts of typewriting and making mixtapes and all. Tell me now, I belong to those times right? Haha.

I also like writing letters (if only writing letters will be very much alive again, I would be the happiest). I remember writing letters during my elementary days and that was oh so cool, writing letters to your friends who are far away. Haha. I am thinking of parchments and owls and packages when I am typing this.

And if you would want to go back on the time of Marilyn Monroe, just tell me. I might remember where I was at those times.

Love, Denise.

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