Monday, September 17, 2012


I had a very weird dream last night. It's my birthday daw and the dream was set one late evening at a place I have never been into (which is unusual of me to celebrate during the night, outside). I keep on thinking where that place is but all I can think of is that there's a big enough driving space or any big space, that has dining restaurants and fast food chains on the sidelines.

I joined my friends at KFC daw while waiting for a friend who's at Pizza Hut daw. I know that that friend have a surprise for me and I just kept on waiting. Then another friend told me that I am already needed on another venue but there was this soldier who guided us on the way there... there's some of my friends on the venue. Yes, I knew them but I don't know the soldier, I saw his face BTW and he's like one of those in the movies haha. Like Dear John whatever.

I don't know why I am there that time, other birthday party things happened which I don't remember by now But the I didn't saw the other friend who was waiting for me. I was waiting for that friend's surprise pa naman. But it's just so random. And weird.

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