Saturday, January 19, 2013

Things I won't forget...


It has been three weeks since 2012 has ended. Time is ticking fast that we are soon facing the second month of the year and here I am still caught in the happy (and sad) memories of last year. I know it will be a bit late to call this post a 'year-ender' but please just bear with my sentimental musings.

New year and Hello Kitty

This is what I am wearing for that first day!

Chinese New Year, 2012

Chinese New Year, 2012

I saw my future :)

i saw it

This is what we've been doing for the whole year round if you would want to know! :) Don't be afraid of needles, they won't hurt you to death.

2012-12-05 08.50.22

There's a lot of blood typing sessions too.


This photo was taken at Burnham Park during one of Panagbenga events... and yes, those are real plants. Very artistic, right?!


Guess why I am thankful that the sky is blue on that day! It's because I am finally 18! :)


Making my 18th birthday wish.

New ninang I am being a happy ninang here! I am so excited for him to see this when he grow up!

intern :) This place is where I do my internship during holidays and long breaks - my tita's mini store.


I do not forget to visit papang everytime I am at Nueva.

white and blue general assembly

White and Blue GA 2012! Meet my happy 2nd family! :)

It's a features thing!

Cheers to the incredible features and entertainment team! We had a group date at Mt. Cloud last time... and of course we are crossing our fingers for our next adventure.


Visiting the old and haunted Diplomat hotel is one my best adventures last year. And I think that is because of the goosebumps and creepy sounds and scary floor landings and huge open windows and all.

2012-05-12 16.18.41-pola2012-05-12 16.42.49-pola

Last year, our NSTP class sponsored this outreach mission offering free circumcision and medical assessment to little kids as well as the other residents of Baguio/Benguet. It was a great experience to be able to share your time and effort to help and to be a part of our patient's unforgettable experience... haha.


My friends surprised me with this last April. I'm not getting any younger.


Tada! I'm with Khalil here! We've been a lot of challenges before getting into this. Thanks to my friends at Khalilnatics!

2012-07-22 19.52.56-pola01

This is my first picture on my first time to wear my uniform. I'm a proud little girl here. :')


I also had the  chance to interview Sir Gregory Villar III (works at NASA for a special Mars Rover) for a school paper article. It took me a lot of courage to do that especially that I do not know if my interview letter will be accepted or not.

176692_4707327323728_1304166118_o-pola01178611_4707349044271_2019980382_o (1)-pola

Of course my year woudn't be complete without my whole bunch of old and new friends! :


I will never forget the dinner with the White & Blue gang together with the Sir Mon Mojica. I swear my stomach was very happy that night haha. (I know they did too, see our faces? :) )


Handog ng SLU sa Baguio. I'm a sales girl haha.


My first ever participation in lantern parade! We walked from Session road to Melvin Jones Grandstand while holding our lanterns lit with flickering firefly-like light bulbs haha (and failed choreography :P).

2012-11-26 16.04.03

Christmas in SLU is of course different. Thanks to SCIS for being in charge of the SLU Christmas tree which is lit with dancing ligths during the chilly evenings.

2012-11-26 17.19.052012-12-14 15.05.44      


2012-12-31 17.34.33

2012 was filled with a lot of surprises just like being alive after December 21 haha. (kidding). But this photo was taken last December 31 just before firecrackers filled the NY eve sky.


And I was all smiles up to know because it has been a good good year after all.


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