Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Kung Hei Fat Choi!



As you can see, there is a link above this text that you are reading. It will direct you to a random video that i took last Chinese New Year parade.

It is now year of the water snake and for a change, the city government of Baguio had this big Chinese new year celebration / parade last February 11 in honor of the friendship of the residents of Baguio with the Chinese community. There were a hundred or less participants consisting mostly of not only the yellow race but of business persons in the city as well.

There were random sightings from dragons, to cute little Chinese kids throwing away candies, to lively mascots and up to literal snakes. Yes, there are huge literal snakes who joined the party. I took the video just to give you a taste of how the parade went like. And everyone was happy with the freebies and discount coupons. Both age extremities enjoyed the event. I can even remember a group of teens behind me saying, "para tayong mga bata sa pakikipag-agawan sa candy! Haha."

Well. It's a happy city after all.


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