Friday, September 21, 2012

Day 12 // My hometown

The green fields.

View of the sunset in from the house.

Typical flowers growing on the yard.

(The following text are copied and pasted from a school project of mine. Haha.)

I was born and raised by my parents in this little town in Nueva Ecija which is Rizal. It is found in north-central of Luzon, it is near Cabanatuan and Palayan city – the main cities in the province – with which it is connected by main roads. Farming and rice milling is the principal industry in this place. The barangay where I exactly grew up is called Bicos, once known as “Ricos” by the Spanish colonizers because it is surrounded with small bodies of water.

I grew up in a small part of the town but I loved the place ever since. Our house is facing the fields of palay that are our province’s pride. The fields are so attractive when it is at its greenest and when the crops are about to be harvested. The sun shines charmingly in the morning specially when it is at its goldest. You will also get the wide view of the stars when you look up from the window at night.

I don’t know any famous person that is from Rizal but our province has proved that a lot of bright and talented persons are born and raised in our place like Vilma Santos, who spent some of his childhood days in Nueva Ecija; the Sottos, who were one of the most famous and richest residents of Cabanatuan during the old days; and Robin Padilla and his brothers also grew up in our province and I remember the stories of a relative that they were playmates back then. As time goes by, more and more Novo Ecijanos tries and do their best to be a pride of our dear hometown.

This is the town where I grew up. This is the only place where I will ever feel infinite.

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